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Generally, one uses a fake Latin text (the text is meaningless, it has been modified), the Lorem ipsum or Lipsum, which can therefore act as a placeholder. The advantage of putting it in Latin is that the operator knows at first glance that the page containing these lines is not valid, and especially the customer's attention is not disturbed by the content, it remains focused solely on the graphics.

This text has the added advantage of using variable-length words, trying to simulate a normal occupation. The simplistic method of copying and pasting a short text several times ("this is a false text this is a false text this is a false text this is a false text this is a false text") has the disadvantage of not allowing an appreciation of typographic result.

He travels hundreds of different versions of Lorem Ipsum, but this text would have been originally from the book of Cicero, and Finibus Bonorum Malorum (Liber Primus, 32), text popular at that time, one of the first sentences is: "which is neque porro quisquam dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci Velit ... » (« There is no one who loves pain for herself, or that the research or who wish for what it is ... »).


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